COVID Update – Summer 2020 & Our Plan to Reopen

Woman Praying

Family, It’s been a little more than two months of us trying to adjust to this new normal. Your patience and grace during this road trip in uncharted territory has been refreshing. In an attempt to keep this update brief, we’ll move right into providing you information about where we are and how we plan […]

The Gift of Loneliness

Lonely Man Standing in Alleyway

Have you experienced loneliness in this Coronavirus season? I have. Loneliness is one of those emotions we don’t want to experience. In one sense it can drive us into despair and make it hard to engage with anyone. Have you ever experienced the desire to not be seen by anyone? The hit song titled “Me, […]

Windows & Mirrors: A Year Long Journey Through the Bible

Man Sitting at Window

Would you Rather? Let’s play a little game of WOULD YOU RATHER? (Remember that Game) Would you rather live in a house w/ NO WINDOWS or NO MIRRORS? It’s a pretty easy choice. I think most people rather live in a house with windows than mirrors. If your house was full of mirrors, you’d get tired of […]