Windows & Mirrors: A Year Long Journey Through the Bible

Man Sitting at Window

Would you Rather?

Let’s play a little game of WOULD YOU RATHER? (Remember that Game)

Would you rather live in a house w/ NO WINDOWS or NO MIRRORS?

It’s a pretty easy choice. I think most people rather live in a house with windows than mirrors. If your house was full of mirrors, you’d get tired of looking at yourself. You’d realize you need something else. A house of mirrors is fun at carnivals, but beyond that, being forced to live in a house with no windows is…well….prison.

Windows remind us that there is an outside world. Windows remind us that real and lasting joy doesn’t come from a world of selfie’s (constantly turning our attention on ourselves). Real joy comes from looking at something beyond us.

The Bible: Window or Mirror?

I use that opening metaphor to segue into what our biggest problem is when it comes to approaching the Bible. I think we often tend to approach the Bible like a house of mirrors. We think of it as a book primarily about us. We come to it mainly to see what’s wrong (or right) with us. So we come to it to constantly pick apart what’s wrong with us and fix it. Which may shed light on why it’s so hard to spend time in the Bible. For many of us it feels as enjoyable as living in a house or mirrors.

Through the years, I’ve found it’s more helpful to think of the Bible as a house with a window that overlooks an amazing view. A view of absolute perfection, grace and beauty. The Bible is like a window. You don’t come to a window for the purpose of looking at yourself (although you’ll catch some glimpses of your reflection from time to time). You come to a window to look through it to something else that is…not you. We come to the Bible primarily to see God.

In this sense, the Bible is a book for us, and not just a book about us. The Bible is a book about God. There is a different kind of joy that comes from waking up in the morning, knowing you have an amazing view of the sunrise and HUGE window through which to see it. That’s what daily Bible reading should feel like. That’s what we want to help you with this year.

Your Next Year

So here’s what we’re going to do. Starting Monday August 10th, we’ll help you walk through the entire Bible in one year. We have a reading chart that consists of 4 chapters per day (it should only take you about 12 minutes to read) and then we have an 8 minute daily devotional on our Windows & Mirrors Podcast that’ll help to put your daily reading into perspective.

That’s it. If you have 20 minutes per day, we want to help you understand the Bible over this next year. We want you to enjoy a beautiful view of God every morning!

Your Next Steps

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John Onwuchekwa

John Onwuchekwa

A native of Houston, TX, John was born into a Nigerian home where the gospel was cherished deeply and modeled excellently. After graduating from college, he studied at Dallas Theological Seminary. He’s served at churches in both Texas and Georgia and in 2015 moved into the Historic West End to help plant Cornerstone Church with his best friends. He and his wife, Shawndra, have been married since 2007. They welcomed their daughter, Ava, in 2017. They are eager to see the hope of the gospel restore a sense of family, dignity, and hope to their neighborhood through their local church of ordinary people.

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