Do you need design elements and promotional support for your upcoming event? We can help!

Cornerstone —

Design Process

This form is designed to help start the conversation of your idea for any type of design request for your ministry or department at Cornerstone Church. The Creative Team is made up of volunteers that are excited to work alongside of you and bring your vision to life. In order to fulfill your request the best that our team can, we ask if you can commit to the following:

– Filling out the design request form completely and thoroughly, missing information will delay the design process

– Paying special attention to the timeline noted below

– Understanding rushed requests tend to produce simple & basic design results

– Leaving margin of time for any alterations to the design request

This form is to be used for ministry approved events and programs only. If you’re unsure that your need has been approved, please reach out to the appropriate ministry team leader. 

Before beginning, please make sure that you’re submitting your request early enough for the Creative Team to fulfill it:

• Sunday Slide/Social Media Graphic: submit 3 Weeks before promo date

• Weekly/Monthly Newsletter Email: submit 3 Weeks before promo date

• Standalone Email: submit 1 Month before promo date

• Promotional Photography: submit 1 Month before promo date

• Promotional Videography: submit 1.5 Months before promo date

• Printed Materials: submit 3 Months before promo date

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The person completing this form should have an active leadership role in the program or event.

If your request meets these deadlines, click below to begin completing your request.