As we endeavor to grow healthy disciples, the gospel is the starting point, the road we travel, and the finish line. What’s of utmost importance is instilling the message in the hearts of everyone who lends us their ears. The best environment to see this take place is relevant and engaging Sunday services where we gather for corporate worship.


True life change doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but in the gospel made visible and tangible in the context of family. The most attractive picture of the gospel, in the midst of broken families, is the presentation of solid ones. Our goal is to establish small groups in each neighborhood that will create a tangible expression of family.


God’s grace experienced in family is not meant to stop traveling once it has reached us. A vital part of following Jesus is helping others do the same. We want to see folks invest in their neighborhoods, by bearing their neighbors burdens, serving their communities, and establishing a reputation for consistency and dependability-thereby gaining a platform for evangelism.