We’ve attached a few ideas to help you navigate family worship moving forward. Look out for additional emails in the upcoming weeks as we’ll be creating more structured ways for all of us to be able to engage with God’s word together.  As it relates to Sunday, we hope the following serves as a good starting point. 

Have a family worship service

  1. SING –Get your family singing with joy! Google is a great tool for this, especially if you don’t know the lyrics! If you’re musically inclined, you could even try your hand at taking a psalm and making up a song. If it works, we just might add it to the Sunday rotation. No promises though!

  2. PRAY – lead the kids, but ask them to pray too. Take prayer requests. Take a Psalm like Psalm 5 and teach them how to pray through it. Here’s a helpful little blog post about how you can pray through the Psalms. ( 60484747091a)

  3. READ & DISCUSS – Pick a passage like Psalm 23 and talk through it. Ask questions and share thoughts or read a Bible or missionary story together. Again, Google’s your friend! 4. Create – For those that are artistically inclined or looking for a way to better engage yourkids. You could try the following:Choose a Bible scene and have everyone in the family draw a picture of it. (i.e.Zacchaeus in the Sycamore tree looking for Jesus, David facing off with Goliath, Jonah in the belly of the great fish, or Saul of Tarsus let down the wall in a basket, etc.)

Enjoy one another

  1. HAVE BREAKFAST – maybe some pancakes piled with strawberries, peaches, or chocolate! Make the day one of the best ever. We so rarely have extended time to slow down like this, take advantage of all of it!

  2. Make cookies or do a puzzle together. Sometimes it’s good to thank God for the company of others. Other times, it’s good to show our gratitude to God by enjoying the company of others. Slow down! Enjoy your day together.

  3. Watch a Christian movie together. Notice this is mentioned last…we already spend so much time in front of the TV, and this is far less interactive than the other ideas. However, it can be helpful to watch, and engage with each other by talking about ways you were challenged, encouraged or inspired.

  4. Enjoy some family time outside – There’s very little threat of catching the coronavirus by being outside, especially as you practice social distancing! Go for a bike ride or a hike.Go to a park and enjoy the beautiful weather (may not want to be allover the playground equipment).Or, you can use all of the suggestions above as a conversation starter with your family as you make it a priority to enjoy family worship, building stronger bonds together, or just having fun on a Sunday. Let’s take advantage of this priceless opportunity!


Your Pastors

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